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About Us

Value Proposition

The International Society for Preparedness, Resilience, and Security (INSPRS) provides a global forum that advances the education and practice of disciplines engaged in homeland security, civil security, and public safety by conducting research, developing and disseminating best practices, networking academics, policy makers and practitioners, and by supporting accreditation to enhance legitimacy and ensure the highest quality education.

Vision Statement

The International Society for Preparedness, Resilience, and Security will be the leading global resource that integrates education, theory, analysis, and practice to promote the protection of democratic liberties, civil security, public safety, and overall societal resilience.

Mission Statement

INSPRS will facilitate collaboration between academics, policy makers, practitioners, and organizations that contribute to the homeland security, civil security, and public safety enterprise. INSPRS supports its members through:

  • Identifying and supporting best practices and innovation, trans-disciplinary research, policy development and analysis;
  • Advancing the inherent integrative nature of the various related homeland security disciplines by promoting coordination, communication, cooperation, and networking (“C3N”) throughout the larger homeland security enterprise;
  • Fostering the well-being of its members by sponsoring meetings, conferences and other professional outreach and exchanges including the dissemination of peer reviewed research and other scholarly contributions to the body of knowledge;
  • Supporting development of future professionals through mentoring, grants, internships, and advocacy;
  • Promoting the advancement of educational systems and structures including professional development, credentialing, and accreditation;
  • Promoting and distributing the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Core Values

INSPRS believes in maintaining, cultivating, and practicing the highest professional and ethical standards. Our core values include:

  • Accountability: INSPRS will be responsible for achieving its mission, managing its finances, and for providing the highest level of quality in the services it provides to its members;
  • Authenticity: INSPRS will vigorously pursue professionalism, honesty, integrity, and transparency;
  • Integration: INSPRS believes collaboration within and across all disciplines related to its mission is essential to a comprehensive understanding of preparedness, resilience, and security;
  • Respect and Service: INSPRS values the specific skills and knowledge each member brings to the profession and will actively seek those positive contributions from its members.