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Jeffrey Grossman, J.D.

Grossmann is responsible for the creation and continued success of the B.S. Degree in Homeland Security, one of the first academic programs of its kind. In addition to his University duties, Dean Grossmann was the 2011-2012 Chairman of the Academic and Training Programs Council of ASIS International, the preeminent 37,000 member professional security association. Working with the American Council on Education, Dean Grossmann maintains a highly successful homeland security educational consulting practice with clients that include the United States Department of Defense and all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Dean Grossmann has authored articles and a textbook on homeland security, been a featured speaker at international security conferences, and has helped develop significant national standards in security including the United States Department of Homeland Security Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program, PS-PREP. Dean Grossmann has over 15 years of senior security leadership experience within two Fortune 100 organizations. He is a licensed New York State Attorney, military veteran, husband, and proud father.