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INSPRS Membership Categories

Category 1: Student Member

Student membership shall be open to any full or part time undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in an academic degree program related to the mission of INSPRS at a regionally accredited institution of higher education.

  •  Dues — $15/student/membership year.  Must complete the online student membership application form.

Order of the Sword and Shield

The Order of the Sword and Shield is the first academic and professional honor society dedicated exclusively to homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and all protective security disciplines.  For more information on how to join or start a chapter at your university, please click here:

Category 2: Individual Member

Academics, practitioners, or others whose full time occupation directly involves teaching, research, policy development or implementation, community preparedness, first response responsibilities, or similar work consistent with the mission of INSPRS are eligible for individual membership. In addition, individual membership shall include any individual who might not fall within the other categories of INSPRS membership. Individual members are eligible to serve on all committees, stand for elections, vote.

  •  Dues — $100/individual/membership year.

Category 3: Associate Member

Individuals who have a professional, on-going interest in the homeland security, resilience, conflict or preparedness disciplines and who are otherwise ineligible for other categories of membership may become Associate Members of INSPRS.  Associate members are eligible to serve on committees, but they are ineligible to vote and cannot serve as officers.

  •  Dues — $50/individual/membership year.

Category 4: Institutional Membership: Academic institutions, Government or nonprofit organizations:

As members of the regulated community, or representatives from city, state, and federal government agencies may join INSPRS at a discounted rate as institutional members.  Academic institutional membership is available to any regionally accredited institution of higher education offering degrees in homeland security, civil security, security studies, conflict studies, emergency management, public health or administration, environmental sciences or a similarly named program at the associate’s, undergraduate, or graduate degree level. When a university’s organization system includes multiple campuses, each campus must individually apply for institutional membership if it houses a separately administered program or institute.

  •  Dues — $800/institution/membership year.  Allows full rights and privileges for up to 10 individuals; or $400/institution/membership year which allows full rights and privileges for up to 5 individuals.

Category 5: Corporate Member

A Corporate Member is an individual or business member of the private sector who is interested in or practices in the homeland security enterprise. Corporate members might include, but are not limited to vendors, consultants, corporations or contractors. Corporate members are those organizations or individuals in the private sector who are committed to the advancement of the homeland security enterprise, professional development and practice, excellence in education, research, policy development or analysis.

  •  Dues — $1,500/institution/membership year. Allows full rights and privileges for up to 10 individuals; or $750/institution/membership year which allows full rights and privileges for up to 5 individuals.


The INSPRS membership year runs from January 1 — June 30 each year.  For accepted membership applications submitted to INSPRS between July 1 — December 31, membership begins immediately, and dues will be applied toward the next membership year.

At this time, there are no application fees. All application forms are to be completed, and payments are to be made online.